An interruption in your regularly scheduled blog posts…

Sorry guys, today I interrupt my regular posts, for a special edition election day blurb. If you’re 18 or older an eligible to vote, and haven’t done so yet: get to it!

Aren’t sure about what precinct you’re in or where your polling site is? You can go here, or here to find out. If you’d like to check out the ballot before you go to your site google your county’s “2012 election sample ballot.” Polls are open until 7pm, as long as you’re in line before then you are good to go. Remember if you don’t have transportation to the polls, a lot of places organize carpools to get you there. (FSU’s campus has vans that drive over to the polling sites each hour. Tallahassee’s Star Metro fixed routes are fare free for election day.) Don’t forget to bring a photo ID (and your voter’s registration card if you still have it, though it’s not necessary.) Be patient, as lines may be long but it will be worth it. You could always bring snacks, reading material, review that sample ballot, or you know – make friends with people in line.

Requested an absentee ballot and didn’t mail it in yet? Go deliver it to your local supervisor of elections office! (Floridians find out here!)

Already voted and still want to be involved today? Volunteer! Make sure your friends and family know where to vote. Drive someone to the polls. Make some phone calls. Every little bit helps.

Whomever you’re casting your ballot for today, be grateful that we have the opportunity to exercise this right!


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