Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – Listen to This: “A Song for You”

Nothing like returning to “normal” posts with a bit of Throwback Thursday huh? This wasn’t the song I originally had in mind to share with y’all this week, but then a link showed up on my Tumblr dashboard this morning from Tyler Knott and I couldn’t resist.

I first heard Alexi Murdoch on one of my all-time favorite television series, The OC. His song “Orange Sky” was featured on an episode. I became a fan of his music, immediately. (Have you listened to him? How do you not?!) Then when Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski’s amazing movie, Away We Go came out, Murdoch did almost all of the music. How awesome is that? Seriously! (If you haven’t seen Away We Go, I recommend you watch it soon. It’s just wonderful.)

All of Murdoch’s music is lyrically beautiful, but there’s also something special about the sound. I feel connected to each chord while I experience an array of emotions each time I give him a listen. Nostalgia, inspiration, sadness, appreciation, graditude longing, love, – they run the whole gamut.

“Song for You” is just one of the incredible tracks on the Time Without Consequence album.


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