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Read This: “The History of Love”

On Sunday night, I finally finished reading The History of Love (referred to prior to reading here.) This might sound weird, but in a way Nicole Krauss’s writing reminded me of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. That thought occurred to me several times while I was reading. The novel was definitely interesting, and I think I enjoyed it. I thought about it a lot during the time I wasn’t reading it, and wondered how these stories would continue to overlap. This was definitely a transition from my typical reading material lately (memories and the ever-present young-adult fiction,) but a welcomed one. Krauss has a very poetic with words, and I always find it positively fascinating (and impressive) when writers have the ability to write from several different perspectives spanning a large time period. While this caused some confusion for me as the reader, (maybe I’m just admitting to some degree of being in-ept?) I can’t imagine the skill that requires for the author. The style of this novel was definitely a challenge for me to get through, not because I wasn’t enjoying reading it but it just required a lot of concentration on my part to keep up. I like when writers provide readers with clues they expect us to link together, like a puzzle waiting to be solved. The History of Love is very much a puzzle. Leo Gursky, immigrated to New York from Poland to escape the Nazis many years ago. When he was a young boy he fell in love with a girl named Alma. He wrote a book for her, every story for her, as his love for her gave him the very strength to continue living for a long time. Now many years later, a young girl with her namesake is on an adventure to piece together the story of where she got her name from, who wrote the story, who inspired these characters. In the meantime all of the characters are navigating loss, and on a search to fill the void that’s left behind now that their loved ones are gone. This is about as much information I feel I can give away about these intertwined lives without spoiling some of the surprises of the story, but it’s definitely an interesting read worth checking out.


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