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Read This: “Something Blue”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed. Well, when I finished The History of Love on Sunday night, I figured it would be good to switch to a book that required a little less concentration. (Basically, to give my brain a break.) Monday was an incredibly slow day at work, where the phone rang less then ten times, that being said I read almost all of the sequel to Something Borrowed- Something Blue throughout the day. When I got home, I finished it up.

*DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t read Something Borrowed, and have any desire to – STOP READING HERE, spoilers ahead!*

While Emily Giffin hasn’t jumped to the top of my favorite authors list, I have to say I’m glad I read this one, even if I was hesitant about continuing when I first picked it up. Darcy Rhone is a pretty obnoxious character, so I wondered if I could handle reading an entire novel from her perspective. Of course, curiosity got the best of me – her attitude was just too outrageous for me not to wonder what she would be up to? At the end of Something Borrowed we learn of Darcy’s own affair with her fiance’s groomsmen Marcus. BUT not only did we learn of her infidelity, Darcy is also pregnant with Marcus’s baby. (Umm, did this not freak anyone else out? Who would want Darcy Rhone for a mom?! Crazy selfish lady.) Welllll, this opens up a whole slew of drama in Darcy’s life, and she’s the kind of woman who thrives on juicy drama. She basically throws caution to the wind, and for the first half of the book you might not even remember she’s pregnant, except when she’s looking in the mirror at herself while she tries on ridiculously expensive clothes. Luckily, in this story we get to see some character transformations which are pretty awesome. Readers will be surprised by the return of several characters from Something Borrowed. There may or may not be some Rachel/Dex interaction! Darcy’s reckless decisions and lack of consideration for those around her, bring her to some pretty low places in life. It’s interesting to watch the story unfold. Just like in Something Borrowed I was surprised by the ending of the story as well. This story wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, and I was pleasantly surprised by that. If you enjoyed Something Borrowed I would say this one is worth a read!


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