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Read This: “Stunning” you keep up with my blog, you’re already aware that I have a bit of an addiction to the Pretty Little Liars series. More so the television show than the books, but hey the season is on a hiatus so they’re a good filler in the meantime. I just finished reading the latest in the Sara Shepard series, Stunning. (Actually, there will be a new one released on Tuesday!) Of course, it’s dramatic as ever. A certain pretty little liar, had a secret pregnancy mentioned in the last one, and there wasn’t much plot given to the story so this one really shines light on that situation. There’s plenty of hub bub all around. Nothing like a rich, determined woman scorned. Will Em reunite with an old flame? And Just as Aria and Noel have gotten past the whole Klaudia situation there’s a new obstacle thrown in their path. Hanna is missing Mike, how scandalous will she go to get him back? And what would Spencer’s life be without some drama in the academia world? She’s got her eyes set on a prestigious eating club at Princeton. No one has forgotten about what happened in Jamaica. Is someone going to reveal that secret of theirs? We know Kelsey wasn’t A, so who is? This one wasn’t as spine chilling as some in the past, but of course I’m still curious to see where the story goes next! If you’re a fan, definitely check it out! There’s plenty of new secrets, drama, a little bit of violence, a lot of suspense, and surely new questions to be answered!


6 thoughts on “Read This: “Stunning””

  1. I LOVE PLL, too. It’s so hard to keep the all the books straight, but I remember the last one being particularly juicy. I didn’t know there’s a new one coming out today!

    1. It is hard to keep them straight! There are so many important details it’s hard to keep track of all the clues along the way. And yes, I saw it showing up when I was browsing Amazon today – can’t wait to read it! Though I’ll probably hold out for a bit since I just read this one.

  2. Wait a second… there’s a new one coming out?! Oh my goodness, oh boy, I can’t wait! I just want the show to come back on. My Tuesday nights are much less exciting.

    1. Jaime! At first I thought you might be poking fun at my obsession but since you know what nights it comes on I figured you’re for real 😉 It’s definitely one of my big guilty pleasures. And I am soo curious about the new one but I figured I should put some time between when I read the last one since it’ll probably be a while before she writes another one. I kind of wonder if the series will ever end…I feel like the questions just go on and on! I definitely prefer the show to the books though, can’t wait for the season to start back up again!

      1. I am in no way poking fun… I love PLL, it’s actually kind of nuts how much time I put into trying to solve the mysteries of that show. It’s so good!

      2. Love when friends are just as into it! We will have to chat about it when it comes back on. That last one on the train was crazzzy!

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