Throwback Thursday, Watch This

Throwback Thursday, Watch This: “A Mom for Christmas”

Throwback Thursday is here again, and after I featured that little MK&A To Grandmother’s House We Go” post last week, my YouTube search had me stumbling across another childhood oldie but goodie! In 1990 Disney had this movie called “A Mom for Christmas” where a little girl named Jessica gets one free wish at the mall, and she wishes for a mom. To her surprise a mannequin, (Olivia Newton John!) comes to life and becomes just that. It’s incredibly cheesy, and you can definitely tell it’s an older one – even the YouTube videos are grainy and the fashion is totally 90’s, Blossom-esque. Unlike the other holiday-themed throwback, this one you can purchase from the Disney site for like $25 (instead of the people selling used copies on Amazon for $52!) Is it just me or does Juliet Sorci look kind of like Anna Chlumsky circa My Girl, on the movie cover? Does anyone else out there remember watching this movie back in the day?

You can see a Disney channel promo video someone drug out of the archives:


You’re in luck, someone also posted the entire movie on YouTube. (I think someone had a lot of time on their hands because that would be far too tedious a task for me…they just really wanted to share the joy of this great movie! ;))

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