A Meg Says Update Post (and a little Listen to This)

Okay, I know there’s been a bit of a break on Meg Says posts since last Friday, but people are actually reading the Take a Moment, Watch This: “Finding Benjamin” post, and that makes me more happy than you know. While I was reading up about it, there were a lot of message boards where people were having difficulty finding a link to the We The People petition for Benjamin Kyle, so I was glad they found it and clicked it, and signed. SO! Didn’t want it to get quite bogged down on the main page.

Also, I would LOVE for you to go check out the series I’ve been devoting a lot of time to on my more personal blog, Mugs Life: Spend Less, Give More. I’m encouraging readers to quit spending money on junk this Christmas season, and instead consider giving presents with a purpose. So far I have spotlighted several different organizations that improve the quality of life through either meeting basic physical needs, or emotional needs such as: clean water (Charity:Water), food and sustainability (to put it simply) Heifer International, shoes and eyesight TOMs, mental health with To Write Love On Her Arms, mental health in a different way where you contribute your time instead of money through the outreach of writing love letters with More Love Letters, and the gift of eyesight through Warby Parker Eyewear.

So, as we’re about a week away from Christmas if you’re trying to decide on some last minute gifts for friends or family members, instead of going out and spending money on random stuff why don’t you consider contributing to something with a greater impact? You’ll feel good, and it’s such a great thing to be a part of something bigger…

So, with all that in mind I’d also like to share a little holiday cheer on the blog as well! Today I’m presenting to you a not so guilty pleasure because I don’t feel the least bit about loving this album basically my whole life. The year this CD came out, I received three copies for my birthday (which was perfect since one got stuck behind the couch.) Might I mention this is also the year my neighbor friend Kristen who was convinced she was going to one day grow up to be Mrs. Zac Hanson painted “I ❤ Zac” all of the interior walls of her tree house. Somehow her mom thought I was involved, and we had to spend an entire afternoon scrubbing off all the paint. Ugh. I can remember that brown soapy water and the gross smell now. Anyway, fifteen years later Hanson’s Christmas album, Snowed In is STILL one of my favorites to jam out to during the holiday season! When I got back to our annex house the weekend after Thanksgiving senior year of college, we blasted it in the kitchen while we decorated our little pink tree! If somehow you’ve been missing out on this great mix of music, I highly recommend you add it to your playlist! (Plus, the MP3 version is only $5.99!) A lovely fan on YouTube has presented us with this little gem, enjoy!


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