Listen to This: “12.23.95”

This is a pretty unconventional Christmas song, but it’s another one of my favorites. I knew it’d be hard to hold onto until today, but I wanted to share it with you on the date of its title. “12.23.95” by Jimmy Eat World is one of my absolute favorites. (You probably think I’ve been saying that a lot lately with Love Actually, Little Women, Snowed In, Come On! Lets Boogey to the Elf Dance and Maybe This Christmas but it just so happens I’ve been saving all these up to share with you.) Short and sweet, and there’s something about it that resonates with me, even when I’m not involved in a situation of its context. Treat yourself to this gem of a tune, readers.

See this fan uploaded video from a live show in Chicago:

“Merry Christmas, baby…”


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