Listen to This: M.Ward’s “Carolina”

Here’s my concentrated effort towards not being such a slacker in the blogging world, (and hopefully bringing you quality posts.) I mentioned before how my awesome friend Erin made me a SWEET mixed CD for my birthday. Well, it’s been the soundtrack to my car rides again lately, and I have to share a favorite gem. I was familiar with M. Ward’s song “Carolina” (on the End of Amnesia album) before I got this CD in the mail, but it was her mix that reminded me of what a brilliant song it is. Honestly, if my car had a play count of how many times I repeated a track I can’t even imagine what number this one would be up to at this point. Sometimes, I listen to it three times in a row. Obviously I have obsessive issues, but hopefully you can appreciate what a beautiful tune this is as well!

“Used to feel like California, with babys eyes so blue,Now I feel like Carolina, I split myself in two…”

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