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Music Monday, Listen to This: “New York” by Blind Pilot

First of all, I’ll preface this entry by letting you all know that I take full responsibility for being an idiot and not going to see Blind Pilot when they played locally a long time ago at Club Downunder. No excuses, I should have been there. With that being said, this weekend I took out that birthday mix for a little bit, and really listened to some sweet jams v89 (“The Voice of Florida State”) was spinning. “New York” by Blind Pilot (from their sophomore album We Are the Tide) happened to come on, and I thought to myself “hello! Why don’t I listen to them more often?” I couldn’t really tell you, poor judgement on my part. They’re a great band. When I realized that I wanted to share this song with you guys today, (it’s Music Monday!) I came across this pretty awesome “unofficial” music video, directed by Freddie Paul. I recommend you check it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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