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Read This: “Kiss Me Again”

If you follow me on Twitter, or you’ve known me since middle school than I am sure you’re already aware of my Rachel Vail adoration. I fell in love with her writing years ago with The Friendship Ring series, Daring to Be Abigail, Do Over and Wonder. She has since written several more wonderful novels (as well as children’s books.) Her author photo on the back of those pocket-sized Friendship Ring books I’d bring to my grandma’s at the beach always reminded me of Blossom. Plus she went to Georgetown! (Obviously she has about a zillion cool points in my book.) Once upon a time I wrote her an enthusiastic e-mail about how much I loved her work, and how I was dying to know if we’d ever find out what happened between Tommy, Zoe, and Charlie?! She responded, and it wasn’t just a little two-liner. A full length appreciative response. I printed it out and saved it in a drawer for a long time. A few weeks ago she engaged me in conversation on Twitter after I’d tweeted about how excited I was to read, Kiss Me Again, which is a sequel to If We Kiss. If you’re interested in this novel, but you haven’t read the first one than I suggest maybe holding off on this entry. Otherwise, please continue reading!

There have been some significant changes in the lives of Charlie Collins and Kevin Lazarus, since the last time we met. There is still a sizzling tension of romantic interest between the two of them, but while Kevin is no longer dating Charlie’s best friend Tess there’s a new problem. Charlie and Kevin’s parents got married, and now they’re all living under the same roof. Can you imagine the torture of being down the hall from your crush? This just reaches all kinds of new levels of complicated. Charlie and Kevin had a different kind of chemistry in If We Kiss learning small details about one another, but as you see each other in the same house day in and day out – eat meals together, argue with your parents in front of each other, rehash embarrassing childhood anecdotes – there is so much more to be learned. Meanwhile Charlie develops an endearing friendship with Kevin’s little sister Samantha (who just might have won the spot of my favorite Vail character yet!) Tess and Charlie still haven’t repaired their friendship from the fall out of Charlie’s “betrayal,” and now Charlie has a sort-of boyfriend George even though she’s definitely not over the Kevin thing. Drama galore right? But it all unfolds in this sweet, touching, unpredictable way. The story took turns I wasn’t expecting, and Vail navigated the awkward situation marvelously. Just blogging about it, I think to myself how glad I am that I never had to endure this kind of encounter with any of my own teenage crushes. I think you’ll find that Vail’s characters embark upon this new chapter of their lives with a blossoming maturity along the way.  The novel encompasses so many aspects of life from young love, true friendship, and the bonds of family. It was so great to have a new read out from Rachel Vail, and a highly recommend you check it out! Have you already ready If We Kiss or Kiss Me Again? Let’s chat!

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