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Watch This: Midnight In Paris

I know, it seems like I’ve been on an Owen Wilson kick lately right? And while I do love him as an actor this wasn’t entirely intentional. When I saw a copy of Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris at the library last weekend, I had to pick it up. It made for the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon movie. I remember seeing the trailer for it back when Miracle 5 was still open in town, but I missed it when it was showing. We’ve seen Wilson and McAdams on-screen together before (remember Wedding Crashers?) but this time their chemistry is different – less appealing, and I didn’t envy their relationship one bit. Wilson plays Gil a successful writer in Hollywood, who is working on his first novel. Gil and his fiancé Inez are vacationing in Paris with her parents. Gil falls instantly in love with the city, and daydreams of living in a little attic style apartment, writing away. Inez doesn’t share this dream, she wants them to move to Malibu after the wedding. Inez’s parents are less than thrilled with her choice in marriage material, and don’t disguise their displeasure. Throw in a pretentious “expert in everything,” Paul who Inez is enamored with, and Gil can’t stand – and you’ve got a little drama brewing. While Inez joins Paul and his wife Carol out for nights of dancing, Gil seizes the opportunity for a midnight stroll through the city of lights. This is where it gets interesting, somehow Gil is transported in time to the roaring 20’s, the age of his literary heroes (Hemingway, Stein, Fitzgerald) a world of flapper dresses, glamorous parties, and the chance to have his work read by the masters. Now it’s like he lives a split life between the two worlds. What will become of his relationship with Inez? Will he ignore her urging that he’s just being a fanciful dreamer about his ideas to move to Paris? Well, watch and find out. This is just a fun movie, and I like thinking about what it would be like to sit down at a table and have a drink with some of the greatest artists who ever lived.

You can check out a trailer for the film here:


3 thoughts on “Watch This: Midnight In Paris”

  1. Woody Allen films are generally not my thing but I really fell for this one. So glad you liked it too. Isn’t the setting just gorgeous? It’s such a love letter to Paris. Your review is making me want to watch it again!

    1. ahh, I totally agree. It had me swooning over Paris. I had just watched The Words over the weekend, and they honeymooned in Paris – so between all of the beautiful scenery on screen I am convinced I need a visit 🙂

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