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TBT Read This: “God Shaped Hole”

Hi there, reader! It’s Throwback Thursday and it also happens to be Valentine’s Day. I’m never too crazy about this holiday, but I’m not a complete hater on it either. (I just think we’d all be better off if we shared our feelings and wore our hearts on our sleeves a little more, instead of confining it to one day.) Annnnnyway, with all that being said I think it’s a fine day to share with you one of my favorite fictional gentleman, and heartbreakingly beautiful love stories of all time: God Shaped Hole by Tiffanie Debartolo. Thanks to Tree at Moore with the Most I was introduced to this fabulous novel in about tenth grade I think? So of course, I’ve held Jacob Grace up on a mental pedestal ever since.

Trixie Jordan was twelve when a fortune teller told her, her one true love would die at a young age. Do you believe a fortune teller at age twelve? I don’t know, but I know if I answered a personal ad like this:

“If your intentions are pure
I am seeking a friend
for the end of the world.”

and found Jacob Grace, I wouldn’t want to believe anything of the sort. Except for the one true love part. Jacob is a vibrant soul, marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s smart, intelligent, handsome. He and Trixie have a magnetic relationship, they bring out a beauty in one another, together their love is a passionate romance. If you haven’t read this novel yet, seriously get to it! I promise this story of the amazing highs and heart-wrenching lows of an incredible relationship is worth it even if you sob a little. (Just me? I don’t think so.) I’m not guaranteeing you any happy endings, but I will tell you that I read this like ten years ago and it has stuck with me all this time. It’s one of those. It’s epic. It’s unforgettable. And you’ll know why I got so excited (and then disappointed) when I saw Keira Knightley and Steve Carrel were making a film called Seeking a Friend For the End Of the World. (It wasn’t about this, unfortunately.) I’m leaving this short and sweet because honestly I don’t want to spoil another single word of this book.

Have you read God Shaped Hole? Does Jacob Grace have a special place in your heart? Tell me about it!

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