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Watch This: “50/50”

So, this was the spiel I had for this post yesterday, but the day got a way from me and before I knew it, I was off to the park to meet Myers Park group and then rush home and shower before going to “A Movie You Haven’t Seen” presented by Geoffrey Gilmore with my roommate! But for like five seconds we can pretend it’s Monday (and then relish for a moment that it’s not!):

I know, I typically do a Music Monday post, but I thought it might be nice to switch it up a little. Plus, with it being President’s Day many of you might have the day off work (I do not,) and if it’s as cold as it is in Tallahassee where you live this morning you might be looking forward to snuggling in some warm blankets and watching a movie. I have the perfect movie for you to watch! 50/50 was released in 2011, but I didn’t think I could muster up enough emotional courage at the time to not sob in the movie theatre at the time. Last week I finally watched it, and then I watched it again the next day! That’s how good it is. I cried a little, but nothing like I imagined. If you’re keeping up with my movie watching in 2013, then you’ll notice this isn’t the first film I’ve watched with Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Seth Rogen this year.

So really if the fact that I watched this movie two days in a row doesn’t have you sold yet, let me tell you it’s raw, funny, heart-wrenching, and real. The real-ness factor is what really got me. Adam is in his twenties, healthy, (heck! he’s jogging in the opening scene and he even obeys traffic signals, pausing at the crosswalk!) and still he receives a horrible diagnosis. Life is just like that sometimes, ya know? And it seems like Adam is “dealing” with his diagnosis the best of everyone. Of course he’s shocked, but life is going on. I love what they did with his relationship with his jerk of a girlfriend, and his best friend is truly inspirational in his support and his consistency as a friend. His mom is smothering in the sweet loving way, only a mother can, (not to mention she’s also trying to take care of his father who has Alzheimer’s!) Adam’s therapist is a well-meaning, but young student and they’re both new to the situation and coming to grips with what each session entails. Anyways, without giving away too much of the plot I’ll just say this is a refreshingly real and raw film. While it deals with pretty heavy subject matter, it’s pretty realistic in the fact that some days you’re gonna cry, some days you’re gonna be angry, and all of these days it’s still going to be okay to laugh. (And it’s really nice when you have some awesome people to share the laughs with.) JGL is a completely believable character. Really the whole cast is like that, and I loved it.

Honestly if you approached me tonight and asked if I’d watch this movie with you, I don’t care that it’d be three times in a week, I’d totally agree! Also, the commentary and deleted scenes in the extras section are pretty cool as well, and give some pretty good insight to the film.

You can view a trailer for the film below, but for those of you who like a surprise you might want to skip it:

3 thoughts on “Watch This: “50/50””

    1. I actually haven’t seen Jeff Who Lives At Home, so I can’t compare. I saw JWLAH was on Netflix last time I looked so if I watch it before too long I’ll let you know! My roommate seemed to like it when we watched it Thursday, and my mom really really liked it.

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