Listen, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday Listen to This: “Hurricane”

I know, for a Throwback Thursday this isn’t me introducing anything new to the blog because my love for Andrew McMahon’s music has been clearly declared here. Although, driving back from the beach on Sunday night I had a different song in mind to share with you all today (thanks to a surprise on Pandora,) last night I changed my mind. I sat on my bed listening to Something Corporate’s Leaving Through the Window on vinyl. (The first listen! I just got it in the mail this week!) Hearing “Hurricane” buzzing from my record player (see photo above) just took me straight to a happy place. A funny moment occurred as my friend Kylan texted me, “Wow. You’re still 15 at heart, Megs.” This is unfortunately (or not, depending on how you look at it) very true at times. Just as I opened the message I was thinking about sitting in my room in Inverness, as a high school freshman listening to this song. It brings back memories of orange Puma sneakers, blue velour track suits, AIM conversations, and a massive crush on a senior boy in my geometry class. This song has always held the power of making my heart beat fast.

“You don’t do it on purpose but you make me shake
Now I count the hours til you wake
With your baby’s breath breathe symphonies
Come on sweet catastrophe…”

Sigh. It’s just wonderful to me, period. This is why I’ve decided to share it with you all today. I know it comes from my pop-punk, piano rock, Drive-Thru records loving heart but humor me for a moment and give it a listen. For as much as I mention my wish for access to a teleporting device, I’ll tell you this album is my own personal time machine.

Here’s one of those cheesy lyric accompanied YouTube videos:

Someone uploaded this video from a live performance in 2007:


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