Listen, turn it up tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday, Listen to This: Anna Sun

Turn It Up Tuesday. What do you think? I just decided that’s what today would be. Yesterday’s post on Eleanor and Park was kind of heavy so I figured I’d share with y’all an upbeat tune that can even get me dancing in my chair. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon is such a good one, if you ask me (and you’re kind of asking me since you’re reading this.) I mean seriously, every time this song comes on any station on Pandora I bookmark it. Then I wonder why I don’t share it with you guys if I love it so much? (Plus, I’m kind of bad about remembering that I know since I’ve Shazaamed it in public more than once. Also, hello! If we’re talking about awesomeness, the cover art has a treehouse! And it looks like water color. How does it get cooler than that? (Obviously, I judge things by their covers sometimes since I mentioned this yesterday, too. The thing is you can grab my attention with the cover but that won’t win it all – it’s gotta be a package deal.) In case you’re wondering this band uses MySpace. Also, since it came out in 2010 this song is technically a throwback, but we can ignore that for the time being. Anyway if you’re not familiar with the song I definitely recommend giving it a listen! It’s catchy, you’ll probably like it.

You can watch their official music video for the song here:


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