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Watch This: “The Voice”

Everyone around me, literally everyone from my parents, to my boss, even my grandma was watching NBC’s hit show The Voice. All of these people told me several times, I don’t know why you don’t watch it – you will love it. For whatever reason (ok, there are a couple! 1) Tuesday nights at 8PM is reserved for Pretty Little Liars because as I’ve mentioned before, I am essentially a teenager on the inside and this is the time for long-distance girly fan friend chats. 2) While I love Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, I was  not very enticed by hearing Christina’s commentary multiple times a week. (She has some great songs, don’t get me wrong) I never really got into the show. I mean I saw a few random episodes last season, but nothing too concrete. This week? Problem solved! New season started, PLL is on hiatus until June and The Voice has welcomed two new judges Usher and Shakira. The season debuted on Monday night, but I was out at that running group and grocery shopping. Last night, I caught this week’s second episode. Let me tell you: instant addiction. There was some great talent on display on that show. I was definitely impressed. And my gosh! The judges chemistry is incredible. Like seriously? Reality TV show gold mine. Most people have their favorite morning shows. I have had a long time love for Matt Lauer, so mine is automatically Today. Kathie Lee and Hoda are always showing clips from The Voice (this week is no different,) and while I was always intrigued now I’ll actually be clued in. Also, they’ve had Carson Daley guest hosting all week. Since I’m in my twenties you know I’m from that, watch TRL on MTV every day after school generation and I like when he’s on TV like this.

If you haven’t watched The Voice yet either, it’s a singing competition show.  Right now they’re still in the “blind audition” stage, where talented singers from across the country preform on stage. The coaches are lined up in chairs, but their backs are to the performer. This forces the choice to be based off of talent and not looks. As each person sings, if a coach wants that person for their team they press a button and their chair swivels to face the singer. If multiple coaches want the same person for their team, then it’s up to the singer to decide! (I cannot imagine that pressure, hello!)

Once the teams have been formed than the coaches get to spend time with the singers, helping them develop their talent and giving them advice. Next the teams enter, “battle rounds.” Coaches have to pit their own team members against each other. They sing the same song on at the same time, and one person will be eliminated. When a singer is kicked off one coach’s team, they are up for grabs and another coach can “steal” them.

Next come knock out round where again team members compete against one another, but this time with only a few minutes notice. They really have to be prepared to impress their coaches. Whoever isn’t chosen in these rounds is unfortunately sent home.

The final round are live performances. The television audience votes for their favorite singers to keep, and the two singers with the least votes get sent home, until one person is named “The Voice.” (The Voice ABOUT.)

Last night I really loved “Midas Whale” (hey great name guys! Folky, nerdy, awesomeness.) and Sarah Simmons (she sang “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. Was I not just saying we neeeed to bring this kind of rock back in the picture?!)

If you’re behind the times like me, but are interested in this show: MONDAY & TUESDAY NIGHTS 8PM ON NBC! Also, re-watch highlights on their YouTube page. Or you can check out full episodes to catch up! As always, my parents were right and this is definitely worth giving a chance!

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