Listen, turn it up tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday, Listen to This: “Hey Pretty Girl”

Good morning, good morning readers! Yesterday was a bit busy so this is my first post of the week. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend (did any of you watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?) and are settling into this week nicely. I for one am anxiously looking forward to the end of the week when it will be REUNION time with one of my girlfriends from college and a little weekend visit to Nashville! (My first time in Tennessee other than basically the border when my little and I were road tripping in North Carolina a few years ago.) Any suggestions? Oh, sorry I’m getting sidetracked, back to Turn It Up Tuesday. Like I said Country Strong kind of re-ignited my country music listening obsession. You know I can’t do anything moderately. I’ve always loved Big D and Bubba in the morning on 103.1 The Wolf, and they gently eased me back in to all the hit country songs. Sunday the ACM’s were on, and I definitely jammed out to some Blake Shelton Pandora while I was eating breakfast on the back deck Sunday morning. Hearing some great country classics on The Voice really reels me back in, too. So! With all that being said can I just share with you one of my favorite songs, lately (and probably brace yourself for a few more this week!)? Kip Moore’s “Hey Pretty Girl.” It just makes me smile, every single time. Those of you who aren’t a huge fan of my pop-punk throwbacks might appreciate the shift in genre today, (it’s been a while since I featured a country song on the blog.)

Some of my favorite lines that I just can’t resist sharing?

Life’s a long and winding ride
Better have the right one by your side
And happiness don’t drag its feet
Time moves faster than you think

Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home
My momma’s gonna love you
She’ll make me sleep on the couch, I know
Hey pretty girl, wanna take you home

Hey pretty girl, let’s build some dreams…

You can listen to the song here, from the official music video:


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