Listen to This: “Crash My Party”

I know, you might be thinking “why so much country music?” But hey, next week I’ll have that Andrew McMahon show on my mind and it’ll be all switched up again. You’ll get over it 😉 So, Luke Bryan was named Entertainer of the Year on Sunday night, which was actually pretty refreshing. He humbly accepted his award. (He and Blake Shelton were hosts of the evening, so pause from that to collect such a mega award – wow.) Tears were shed. I was so excited for him watching from my bedroom. I’m kind of a sucker for most of the award shows. From movies to music, I don’t care I just love to see people who have been striving to achieve their dreams for a long time, reach this point where they feel like “woah! I made it this far…” or “wow, I remember being a little kid looking up to these people I’m in the same room with right now!” or “Man, this is a crazy road…” the people who are full of gratitude and awe over these moments. The people who are really dang good at what they do and deserve some recognition. (I also love seeing people in the same industry super excited for each other – like Miranda Lambert fist pumping in the audience as she jumped up so excited for Luke Bryan!) I mean this guy has had a long road to the fame that he’s reached right now. He’s been playing music for years, but it was awhile before he made it out to Nashville. Tragedy struck his family multiple times. Luke was actually literally all set to move to Nashville after he graduated high school, but the day before he was set to move his brother was killed in a car accident. He held off on the  move, and went to college at Georgia Southern, (while continue to play music) and then later he ended up working with his dad (a peanut farmer) for awhile. It sounds like he loved the hard work, but his dad just couldn’t let him not pursue a music career so he basically made him move! (Unfortunately, his family suffered another huge loss in 2007 when his older sister was killed in a car accident.) (GAC Artist Page.) The cool thing about all of this? These kind of experiences really shape you as a person, they’re the stories of our lives – so you know when he’s singing about something, he means it – it’s heartfelt. I think Entertainer of the Year is a well deserved award for Luke Bryan, he can definitely get a room moving, and he’s so talented. He’s toured with Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, Trace Adkins and more and now it’s his time to shine. Luke Bryan has had some great hits over the years (including but not limited to: “Country Girl,” “Drunk On You,” “I Don’t Want This Night to End,” “Take My Drunk Ass Home,” “All My Friends Say,” “Rain Is a Good Thing,” and HELLO SORORITY GIRL THEME SONG “Sorority Girl” (there’s a Phi Mu shout out in there, yeahhh!) so you’re probably no stranger to his voice!

Anyway, with all that being said I definitely enjoyed the debut of his new song “Crash My Party.” So do yourself a favor, and check it out!

Ain’t a bar that can make me buzz the way that you do


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