Listen to This: “Highway Don’t Care”

Happy, Happy Friday everyone! I know, it’s been a little bit since I blogged. Life got a little crazy, and things are finally “settling down” (whatever that’s worth) for the most part, plus I didn’t want to just be spitting out posts about my favorite music or movies when I hadn’t gotten any feelings down about Boston. (Read Believe in the Good on The Life of Mugs.) Anyway, now I’m back. And this is a song I’ve been wanting to share for serveral posts now, but before I just couldn’t decide and hello! As I’m wandering around my kitchen singing it in the morning I’m thinking to myself, it’s time to put it up on the blog!

Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift had one of the best performances of a song I’d seen during an award show in ages when they played “Highway Don’t Care.” I mean, it was honestly like stop you in your tracks awesome. Now it’s gotten plenty of radio play, and why the heck not?! It’s packed with superstar fabulousness, and it’s just a WONDERFUL song.  Tim McGraw and Keith Urban have always been two of my favorite country artists. To be perfectly honest I go through phases with Taylor Swift. When I heard her sing this on stage that night though? Yep! She’s still got it.

I mean, I don’t even think there’s much I could say about this song that would do it justice, other than you need to just stop whatever you’re doing right now, and give it a listen:


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