Listen, turn it up tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday, Listen to This: “Synesthesia”

This is a big week for some fun releases! Today, Andrew McMahon’s solo EP album comes out, The Pop Underground. I had the privilege of hearing him play some of the new songs live, at his show at The Beacham two weekends ago, and let me tell you – you will not be disappointed. You know, during his set he had a few moments of some real talk where he just explained how that whole transitioning into something new, away from the familiar, into the unknown – it can be scary. You don’t know who’s gonna be there on the other side. And he thanked the audience, for our continued support of what he does, for showing up, for listening. I just wanna be like “hey, man! You could sit there at that piano reading poetry, or just stomp on it for twenty minutes, or even tell jokes and we would still love you. We’d smile and clap and cheer and consider it a gift to be there.” So yeah. This is the next step in his new journey and it’s an exciting one. As you know my love for this guys work goes back, wayyy back to his Something Corporate days when I was in middle school, then with Jack’s Mannequin. This isn’t the first mention of him here on Meg Says and it most definitely won’t be the last.

Yesterday Andrew answered fan questions on a reddit chat. I love stuff like that, he was really open and candid and he always seems to sincerely appreciate the kind words fans pass on. Anyway if you haven’t listened yet, jump on it!

I see colors when I hear your voice…

Here’s a youtube video my friend Keri took at the show:


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