Listen, turn it up tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday, Listen to This: “Beautiful Goodbye”

OK, it’s a surprise to no one I am sure that I’m on a big Maroon 5 kick right now. I go in phases with stuff. No worries I’m just alternating between them and my hoard of country music at the moment. (Except that because I am a major slacker and failed to keep my Mac software updated Spotify is no longer compilable with my computer until the disc arrives in the mail SO I can’t blare my “country jammms” playlist in the kitchen!) Anyway, my relationship to music has changed somewhat lately. Well, my relationship with life has been different lately. I am in a good place. I’m content. I’m happy. I feel “OK” with the way things are, and all that means I’m a little less (read: a LOT less) high strung, a little less emotional, and I really enjoy listening to music that makes me happy and doesn’t drag me down.

You’d think with a name like “Beautiful Goodbye” this wouldn’t be the case, but I’m telling you it has quite the opposite effect for me. I love to just turn it up (hence the choice for the day,) sun roof open, roll the windows down and belt it out. It’s the final track on Maroon 5’s latest album, OverexposedIf you’re not familiar with this song, (or the album) I definitely recommend you give it a listen. You might think I’m a little crazy because the song doesn’t make me sad, but I promise it’s a good one!
“I count the ways I let you down
On my fingers and toes but I’m running out
Clever words can’t help me now
I grip you tight but you’re slipping out
And I remember your eyes were so bright
When I first met you, so in love that night



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