Friday Fun Song, Listen to This: “Next to Me”

Oh my gosh. I just can’t get enough of Emile Sandé’s song “Next to Me.” Sure it’s getting tons of air play on the radio, and Sasha Allen (one of my favorite contestants) sang it on The Voice this week! It’s so catchy. It’s so soulful. It’s a big song, like Adele big, full of heart and volume and while I’m sure if you heard me jamming out it to it, it’d hurt your ears – it’s still fun to sing along with! It doesn’t matter that I can’t really relate to the song necessarily, but c’mon it’s GOOD. It’s all about faithfulness, and the person that’s still by your side when everyone else has disappeared. If you’ve escaped this song somehow, definitely check it out! Happy Friday everyone, I hope this gets your long weekends off to a great start. Be safe and have fun!

You can hear Emile’s original of the song, here:


Check out Sasha’s performance from the live show this week:

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