Listen, Throwback Thursday

TBT Listen to This: “Next To Me”

Oh my word. I have to share with you all this beautiful song I stumbled across this morning. “Next To Me” by Sleeping At Last. The whole thing is just beautiful, and it felt like my heart was contracting a little, and I might explode if I don’t share it with someone! So, hopefully you pretty little reader will listen to it this morning because I’d love for you to see how great it as well. I know nothing about this band, their formation or how long they’ve been around. Somehow I came across a little Folky playlist created by a stranger on Spotify, and this gem was nestled in the middle of the list. The second I heard

“Oh, our futures were written with crayons in coloring books”

I knew this song was meant for me. Well, dang! Upon a little research you will find that I am way behind the times, and this song is indeed a throwback (released in 2011.) The band was formed back in 1999! Holy cow! According to Wikipedia: National touring ensued, first opening for Switchfoot, then for Billy Corgan’s side project Zwan, Yellowcard, Something Corporate, The Format, and Bleu.[3] They received airplay on Fuse TV and their song “Quicksand” was featured in the third season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How did I miss this band?! I saw Switchfoot, Yellowcard, Something Corporate, and The Format on their tours back then. (And I was a little addicted to that Zwan song “Honestly.”) Also, I may not be a loyal viewer anymore, but for a while there I didn’t miss an episode of Grey’s and part of what attracted me to the show was the awesome music. Oh well, I may have been missing out on them all this time, but now I know and I will be playing this tune a lot lately, I am sure. If you’re not familiar with them either, I highly suggest you give this song a listen!


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