Listen, turn it up tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday, Listen to This: “A Father’s First Spring”

Welcome back my lovely readers! That was quite a hiatus surrounding the fourth of July holiday time, I know. And why didn’t I blog since it was raining most of them time? Oh, I don’t know – working on paper journaling, collecting quotes for more word art, attempting to not want to plug my own ears as I work on basic chord transitions on the guitar, late night beach walks, mid day beach walks, day wine drinking, Scattaergories, laughing, talking, napping, running – there was plenty, ok? But here I am, and it happens to be Turn It Up Tuesday, and I’m going to share with you a song that just absolutely melts my heart every time I hear it: “A Father’s First Spring” by The Avett Brothers. I’ve been a long time fan of The Avett Brothers. You’ve read my rambles on “If It’s the Beaches”  and they’re a band that’s on my bucket list to see live. I mean, the first time that I heard this lyric I was hooked. I know, I’m a sucker.

You know, Ben Folds wrote “Gracie” for his daughter and that song has always tugged on my heart strings. But there is something about this, so raw so pure. A kind of love that I don’t know about, but it sounds beautiful. And that’s when you know you’ve stumbled upon great song-writing. When the artist can make you feel something, that you didn’t know you could feel.


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