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Watch This: “Submarine”

So, I’d been wanting to watch this movie, Submarine for awhile. By awhile, I mean since it came out. Yeah it actually came to Tallahassee, but I missed it. (Don’t tell me that this is why we won’t get Before Midnight because when the good movies are here, I don’t go. I saw Moonrise Kingdom like I said I would, right?) My favorite FSU professor (Zeigler, DUH!) tweeted about it when he saw it teaching abroad in London. Then a friend last week was like, it’s good – you have to watch it. The lovely Netflix instant streaming has this title now, and I had quite a few days of open spare time, with lots of rain keeping me indoors quite a bit, so perfect timing. I finally watched it. Little Oliver Tate reminds me of Sam from the previously mentioned, Moonrise Kingdom, and there’s a definite Wes Anderson vibe to the film (directed by Richard Ayoade) if you’re a fan of his work. The soundtrack (music from Alex Turner) was incredible, and the story line? Oh, my heart. There were scenes where I genuinely laughed, and then of course the ones you cringe at because of the awkwardness, but it’s also in an endearing way. There’s a subtle art about the film. It’s all in the details. Like the paper crowns from British crackers worn by the entire table at an early Christmas dinner. Or the painting hanging above Oliver’s bed. Or the montage of “Two Weeks of Love Making” (which includes my favorite things: sparklers and bike rides, and isn’t what you think it is from the title.) I would give you an online film description, but I don’t think they really capture the essence of the film (not to say I think I can do it that well, either.) Just imagine a British school boy living in Whales, super awkward, with a crush on a kind of standoff-ish girl in class. Eventually she might become his girlfriend, they have all kinds of adventures, and he’s torn between his devotion to the relationship, and trying to repair his parent’s marriage that is falling apart at the seams in front of him. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, the torture of adolescence – love, lust, angst, despair – they’re all in there. But it’s not as heavy as it sounds because it’s pretty sardonic in parts. Maybe don’t go strictly by my off-tangent rambles, but just give the movie a shot:


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