Friday Fun, Listen to This: “Let’s Go”

It’s Friday. FINALLY. That is not an exaggeration. These days have trickled by, and I am trying to remind myself that each one, is new – with it’s own blank canvas before it. Some days that’s a larger task than others. In general, we could all use a fun song this Friday, right? So! What’s more fun than Matt & Kim? That’s right – not much. I’ve got “Let’s Go” for you, today. This isn’t very obscure, it’s not like you might not have ever heard it, but whether it’s new or old to you, give it a listen today.Plus, hello this video is obviously nothing less than awesome in its weird awkward fabulousness. I can’t wait to walk out into the arms of the weekend, myself. I hope you enjoy yours!




“Shouting out of my windows
Roll down
Cause I don’t care anymore
Said I don’t care
Let’s go

Say what you wanna say
Make it mean everything
Oh, say what you wanna say
Make it mean everything”


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