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Watch This: “Tonight You’re Mine” (aka “You Instead”)

I know, it sounds like I’m always making excuses but I didn’t realize it would be this long of a time period between posts here, or else I’d have qued up some entries. Of course there were the days I was out of town traveling, and then getting back to Florida proved to be this crazy trek. And somewhere in between all that I developed like a sinus infection, or something. So excuses, excuses blahblahblah: hiatus over. Meg Says, Watch This entry is here!

The weekend before I went to NYC, I was staying at my parents at the beach again. It was my brother’s birthday weekend. For like the fourth beach visit in a row it just rained and rained, (which really isn’t a surprise because I physically can’t remember the last day it didn’t rain here in Tallahassee.) Anyway, I was browsing Netflix and I came across this lovely little film called Tonight You’re Mine (or alternately titled, You Instead.)

As readers are already aware, I’m still kind of on the whole music festival bandwagon. I found this movie about a month after Bonnaroo. I don’t think I’ve adjusted back to reality yet, and if you gave me the option to go back on any given day (even as sick as I am right now,) I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t blink before jumping in the car.

Anyway, the really cool thing about this movie is that it was actually shot during the T in the Park Festival in Scotland. That means the crew had to edit footage at the end of each day because hello! You don’t get re-dos on festival days. It just makes for a really genuine festival scene feel – (because it’s real.) You get the random people running around, dancing, playing in the rain, having jam sessions in their tents, drinking, smoking, laughing, just living it up. This isn’t a work of art that would get Oscar buzz, (it’s different than that,) but I think it deserves credit on its own accord.

I would recommend you watch this movie IF:

A) you have festival withdrawal as well.

B) you wanna see the festival scene.

C) you’re a sucker for romance.

D) you like good music.

Okay, so I’ve rambled this much and you still don’t know what the heck the film is about! Adam is part of a rock duo, and Morello is in a punk girl band. As the film opens they get in a silly, unnecessary altercation. A well-meaning security guard is disappointed in their lack of love, so he handcuffs them together in order for them to “work it out,” and runs away with the key. Adam and Morello both have significant others who are there at the festival, and they both have respective shows to preform. You don’t have to tell me that the film is cheesy or predictable, I’m aware of both and yet still I could feel my heart melting as I watched it. You know that Brand New lyric, “and I know that you’re a sucker for anything acoustic…” Well, I know it makes me horribly typical and cliche, but I am. I have always been some weird hybrid version of a romantic and a realistic, sunshine personified with a splash of cynicism. I don’t know how you can be both, but I am. And still…this. Because I am all about staying up all night, hand holding, and instantaneous connections. I thrive off those moments that feel like they are so ultimately cinematic. This film seemed to accurately capture the kind of connections that occur when random people are brought together by the thread of a common bond. As unrealistic as you might think some of this might be, I think there’s a realistic touch. Music as the driving connection can really bring two people together, and a music festival is like the breeding ground of magic. You’re removed from outside influences that would get in the way in some other sort of social setting, and people are free to completely be themselves, and what’s more attractive than that? I think this film found a way to encapsulate all of that in an hour and twenty minute screening. That feat in itself is fascinating to me.

Instead of giving you guys the trailer that would basically spoil the whole movie, here is a little video for the acoustic of “You Instead” :


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