Listen to This: “Montezuma”

Hi there, and most definitely a hearty HAPPY FRIDAY! I know, I haven’t been mixing it up very much on the blog lately. You see, I still haven’t settled into a good reading rhythm yet. (Currently slowly beginning Simon Van Booy’s Everything Beautiful Began Afterand at the top of my wish-list for books right now is Lang Leav’s collection of poetry in Love & Misadventure. The last three movies I watched on Netflix were Slacker, Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront (I don’t know OK?! My roommate put it on while she was doing work, and I was editing photos!) and Breaking Upwards. Slacker was amusing, and only perpetuated my desire to visit Austin, Texas. Breaking Upwards was sort of painful to watch, but hey I’ve been extra-sensitive lately so who knows. Oh! As a long time Weeds fan, I was really excited/apprehensive to watch Orange Is The New Black. So many people on my Facebook Newsfeed were rambling on about it, that I thought I might just skip over it entirely. But then – boredom and curiosity got the best of me, and oh my gosh – it’s so good. (Of course.) Annnyway, other than that? I’ve been listening to a ton of music. A song that really struck a chord in me recently is “Montezuma” by Fleet Foxes. I swear it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in quite a while. The opening verses are just chilling.

“So now I am older than my mother and father
When they had their daughter
Now what does that say about me
Oh how could I dream of such a selfless and true love
Could I wash my hands of
Just looking out for me
Oh man what I used to be
Oh man oh my oh me”

How did they articulate that? I know, I cannot be the only one (and I’m not because I read people’s comments on Song Meanings) that has thought about those first four lines. I think about it a lot actually. Though they’re able to sing about it in a much more eloquently poetic way than I think I’d be writing about it, right now. If you’re not familiar with this song, I highly recommend giving it a listen, but also check out this awesome artistic video as well, (which isn’t the “official” music video, but I vote it should be!)

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