Listen to This: “I Love You, But Goodbye”

Oh me, oh my! That was quite a little unexpected hiatus I’ve had here. Life did the ole let’s do a topsy turvy and everything shift all over the place and things have been kind of crazy, but the craziness is a constant in life right? In the mean time, I have started reading for pleasure again, so I’ll tell you about my reads and I finally finished Orange Is the New Black (as I tell EVERYONE I know about it, trying to make them watch it too!) Also, I basically just went on a Jenji Kohan adoration binge, after having saved Weeds Season 8 all this time, I watched the entire season last weekend. It was a compulsion. I couldn’t stop. I have to say, it’s been quite nice to not be so attached to my computer or phone lately, as I’ve been the good kind of busy. The kind that leaves you feeling productive, and that had been lacking in my life a lot lately, (well at least in long chunks of time – as you can see from my Mug’s Life adventure posts, I’m plenty productive on my own time.) Last night, amidst watching that epic presentation of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (hello, freakin’ love “Same Love” and some JT/N*Sync time, woo!) I got to explore the Discover section on Spotify for a bit, which is one of my favorite things to do because there are some pretty great gems hidden on there. I stumbled across Langhorne Slim’s “I Love You, But Goodbye.”  It’s just a really beautiful song. It’s simple, it’s sweet, he’s got a smooth voice that reminds of (well, completely honestly? Kind of reminds me of Cat Stevens.) It’s so refreshing sometimes to find a new song, and just enjoy it for what it is – not try and apply to some relationship in your own life that day. This was one of those songs for me. If you don’t know it, I definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Thanks for hanging in there with my sporadic posts, I promise to throw out some more suggestions lately – I know, it’s been awhile! In the meantime, enjoy:

I want to thank you darling
For all that you’ve given
I want to thank you, thank you for
being my friend


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