Turn it Up Tuesday, Listen to This: “I Dream of Chicago”

So, I might not have been giving you the scoop on all of my music finds as often lately, but don’t be surprised if I start sprouting off plenty of random new songs because the “Discover” section on Spotify just gives me all kinds of new tunes to jam with. For example, here’s a sweet folky one to get your Tuesday off right. “I Dream of Chicago” by Parlours.

Can we talk about how beautiful that album art is, for just a moment? Like really. I would love to crawl into that scene for the afternoon. (Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t mind a little impromptu visit to Chicago, either.)

The band came from Des Moines, Iowa. And who can’t love a group with a ukulele and a violin? I mean, seriously. Plus there is such a gentleness to this song that I can’t help but love right from the start. Almost like a lullaby, but not just simple and sweet.

If you haven’t heard it yet then I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon it here, check out “I Dream of Chicago”:



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