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And the verdict is…WATCH THIS: “Wish I Was Here”

So, I did finally get to see Wish I Was Here this week, and it was everything I hoped it’d be. Braff did it again with his ability to capture the simple moments of life, but also what I like to think of as those, “feeling infinite” moments. If you’ve seen Garden State, to me I categorize that as a pretty intensely emotional film. I have probably shed some tears each time I watched it. WIWH seemed to find a new balance. There is still an intensity, emotional moments, and depth that will tug on your heart but I didn’t even cry once while watching it. When my friend asked me what the movie was about, all I could think to say was…”life.” As cliche as that sounds, I’m still pretty sure it’s fitting. The music was just as incredible as I hoped, and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. If you’re curious I’d still say the themes center around death, and purpose, parenthood, relationships – how we grow up and figure out who we are and what we want out of life. There’s a particular scene I have in mind, between Kate Hudson and Mandy Patinkin at the hospital that just really stole my attention. She has a certain glow when she’s on screen, and she can just steal a scene but the conversation between the two characters was so genuine and so…true to life. Also, little Joey King captured my heart as always. (Ever since I knew she was cast as Ramona Quimby, I just lover her.) Wish I Was Here was funny, refreshing, and beautifully made, (plus the slew of familiar faces popping up throughout the film didn’t hurt either.) If I didn’t convince you last week, here’s my continued encouragement that this one is a definite, “watch this” recommendation.

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