Listen, turn it up tuesday

Turn It Up Tuesday, Listen to This “Simple Song”

Alright, I know everything I’ve been posting lately probably seems oddly interconnected (like my posts for Wish I Was Here, which Zach Braff made and used The Shins music in, and he also made Garden State, which features the line: “You’ve gottahear this song, it’ll change your life, I swear.” (That one’s in reference to “New Slang.”) Anyway, recently I was reminded of the beauty in “Simple Song” by the Shins. And it really is just that…a simple song. The Shins are one of my chill out bands. I can throw on their music and just tune out. It’s nice to have songs like that to turn to at times. If you’re not familiar with this one, I suggest you check out the official video below. And I’ll leave you with my favorite line:

“Love’s such a delicate thing that we do, with nothing to prove, which I never knew…”


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