Listen, Music Monday

Music Monday, Listen to This: “Wild Child”

I have been binge watching Ally McBeal on Netflix recently. That’s a whole other story, but an on-going story line in the series is that Ally’s therapist suggests we all need a “theme song.” That song you hear in your head that gives you confidence and encourages you to be you, throughout your days. When you’re feeling down, just let that song come to you and live it out.

In more recent days if asked, I’d say my song was probably “Follow Your Arrow” by the amazing Kacey Musgraves. Now, though? I am captivated by Kenny Chesney’s (featuring Grace Potter!!!) “Wild Child.” What a beautiful song! The video is also picturesque – very natural and spirited. The lyrics though…if I’ve ever heard my soul being spoken to through a song – reflecting it? This is it.

“A kaleidoscope of colors in her mind child
A touch of crazy hides behind her wild smile
So simple yet experimental
Innocent but still a little wild child”

See for yourself how wonderful this song is by watching the video below:


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