Listen to This: “Hush”

My oh my, “Hush” by Angus and Julia Stone is one of the most beautiful songs I know. Somehow it has played on shuffle, each time I’ve been on a walk or run at Cascades Park the past few weeks, and every time I’m reminded of just how lovely it is. The song feels like a lullaby for grownups. The melody and the words, and the culmination of beauty just soothes me. Something about the song has a very calming power. I was first introduced to the fabulous duo on a mixed CD my friend Emily made me in college; one of the tracks was “Red Berries.” They have a very memorable sound, and years later I’m just as in love as the first time I heard them. Perhaps you’re winding down from a busy weekend, or you’re gearing up for a busy work week. If you need a moment to just breathe and remind yourself to take it easy – this song is a great assistant for that. Give yourself a little chill moment.

If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to check out “Hush” now!


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