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Meg Says, Try This: Australian Gold Lotion

Hi guys, I’m back again with another great product review from my recent Influenster Blossom Vox Box. One of the coolest things I found in the box was a tester bottle of Australian Gold Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. My parents live over at the beach about two hours from Tallahassee, and I’ve visited several times since I’ve received my box. I used the sunscreen for multiple outdoor activities – from laying out just relaxing in a beach chair in front of the gulf, or kayaking out in the bay. I found this sunscreen provided incredible coverage, and my typical problem areas (like my nose, or up around my hairline) didn’t burn or get red as they normally do with sun exposure. I have always been a fan of Australian Gold but I typically go for their SPF 30 bronzer spray. This is the first time I tried one of their lotions. I was really impressed with how easy it is to apply. It’s not streaky and it has a smooth finish and rubs in really easily. The lotion also carries the same incredible scent as their other products – it always reminds me of being ina tropical paradise. It seems to have a hint of coconut. The sunscreen also seemed to hold up well in water exposure whether I was getting splashed with the paddle in the kayak, or going for a dip in the waves at the beach. I definitely reapplied during all of my activities though. Now that I’ve used this product several times, I can definitely say it’s not only one of my favorites from the Influenster box, but also from items in Australian Gold’s line! I will continue to recommend this lotion to friends and family!

(Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, and all opinions expressed here are my own.)


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