Meg Says: I’m Trying This, My Influenster Blossom Vox Box Experience

About a month ago, shortly after signing up as a member of Influenster, I received my first Influenster Blossom Vox Box in the mail! The lime green box was full of so many surprise goodies. It’s been an awesome month testing out all of these products.

The most useful: Australian Gold SPF 30 Lotion
The most tasty: Beanitos Black Bean Chips
The most surprising: Clairol’s Hair Food Shampoo
Least Favorite: Bear Naked Coconut Curry Granola
Favorite New Beauty Product: NYC New York Color cream eyeshadow stick
Clairol’s Hair Food Root Cleansing Shampoo was the first product that I tested out from my box. I would consider this “fancy” shampoo because I normally buy pretty basic and inexpensive hair care products. I was a bit skeptical because of all of the facts on the label, thinking okay great “parafin free” but how will this be any different? Well, boy was I surprised when I actually used it. If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I have some pretty crazy long, thick, curly hair! Normally I’m not very impressed with hair care products because my hair is so wild that it’s hard to notice the difference when using a product. Well when I used the Hair Food shampoo, I was shocked at how clean my scalp felt, and my curls were pretty tame without using extra product with it. My hair normally feels kind of heavy, but with Hair Food it feels weightless! Also, the aroma of the shampoo is incredible. It’s a fruity scent that definitely lingers while using it, but it’s not overwhelming. I’m surprised too at how far a few pumps of the product goes, so I think the whole bottle could last a while which is a perk! I’ve used the shampoo in different settings and water pressure situations as well. The shampoo was reliable whether I was at the beach, or just fixing my hair before a long day at work. Since using the shampoo, I’ve added it to my normal hair routine and already recommended it to friends and family. I’m curious to try other products from the Hair Food line in the future (like the conditioner!) Here’s a selfie so you can see what my hair looks like after I just used the shampoo!
The Australian Gold SPF 30 lotion was one of the products I was already expecting awesome results from, and I was not disappointed! I’ve been a loyal consumer of Australian Gold for years (their SPF 30 bronzing spray has been a staple in my beach bag for a while.) This is the first lotion I tried from them. I took it with me to the beach and was really happy with the results. The lotion has the same great classic scent as other Australian Gold products – that tropical smell with a hint of coconut that always makes me think of fruity drinks and palm trees. The sunscreen was really easy to apply and it rubs in easily as well (instead of getting streaky on your face.) The facial coverage is my favorite. I didn’t suffer from redness around my hairline or my nose which are usually my problem areas. It’s awesome that the sunscreen is water resistant as well. I used this while I was lounging on the beach, swimming in the waves, and also kayaking in the bay! All of these activities involved strong sun exposure, and I felt comfortable with the skin care protection Australian Gold provided. The tester bottle is such a convenient size, I ended up bringing it with me to Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee last week – it was great to just leave in the front pouch of my backpack for easy access!
The Beanitos Black Bean chips were another favorite from my Influenster box. I had never tried them before. My package included a Chipotle BBQ flavor, and classic black bean. I took both bags with me, on a beach weekend for snacks. First I tried the Chipotle BBQ. I love things that have a spicy kick, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much flavor was packed into these little chips! I ate some of them plain first to get a complete tasting experience, but my dad had brought along some smoked fish dip so I paired them with that afterwards. The flavors combined were great together. A few days later I tried the Black Bean chips and though they’re the “original” and maybe some might think, “plain” I liked them even more than the Chipotle BBQ! Beanitos are a flavor packed, craving satisfying, fiber boosting delicious snack! I was seriously impressed with these. After I opened the bag, I had to share them with the people around me because I was so shocked at how delicious they are. The nutritional stats are pretty good too if you’re health conscious. I already started day dreaming about prepared foods that Beanitos would be a good addition to (like taco salad, or with some spicy chunky salsa, or guacamole!) Since trying Beanitos for the firs time, and going through my two tester bags I’ve already started purchasing other flavors and am definitely spreading the word to friends about how yummy they are! Here’s a photo showing, not a crumb left in that bag – they’re so good!
The Bear Naked Granola on-the-go packs were another great find in my Influenster box! I had just been browsing all of my granola options in Target the week prior to receiving my box, so I was excited to be able to sample two flavors (there are so many options out there!) After a long outdoor run one morning (in the nice May Tallahassee heat!) I was ready for a good breakfast snack. That seemed like the perfect opportunity to try some Bear Naked Granola! I opted for the caramel apple flavor, and I paired it with some chopped fruit (a mix of strawberries and banana) and some cold almond milk – to enjoy it cereal style. This was a really tasty breakfast! Afterwards, I felt full and satisfied and didn’t have that snacky feeling where I wanted to find multiple other items to eat right after! The amount in the package seemed perfect for a breakfast meal, too. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the coconut curry granola flavor as much. I was kind of surprised since I’m normally a huge fan of anything with coconut in it, but to each their own. I’m sure to some people this flavor combo would be super appealing it just wasn’t doing it for me, especially after the caramel apple flavor was so delicious!
The NYC New York Color cream eye shadow stick was one of the last products from my Influenster box for me to try out, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. This is the first time I’ve used a creamy type eye shadow, and I was a little nervous that I’d have a terribly messy application but I was seriously impressed with how easy this stick is to use! I applied it before work in the morning, and they’re not lying about the 24-hour coverage, the eyeshadow definitely stayed in place even when it was super hot during the day and the rest of my make-up look felt like the humidity was getting to it! I like that it’s got a burst of sparkle, but it’s also a bit of a neutral color, so it can be for everyday wear if you want (or could also be glammed up for a night out if you prefer!)
I had never heard of the Nasoya Pasta Zero before receiving it in my Influenster box, but oh my what a cool alternative to regular pasta! I usually avoid cooking too many pasta dishes at home because I know I won’t have a ton of self-control, and carbs are delicious and the calories add up BUT Nasoya solves that problem! You’re able to indulge and feel like you’re having a “cheat” dinner, but you’re not actually indulging in anything bad for you. (Of course it depends on how you prepare them!) I ate some of them pretty basic because I love to eat noodles with just a little bit of spices (like garlic and pepper,) but no sauce. I also experimented with some tomato sauce and ground turkey and a bunch of different spices and fresh vegetables. Every way I prepared the pasta made for a delicious meal, and I was super excited about that. I’m definitely keeping an eye out in stores to see if I see this to purchase in the future! I was also shocked at how quickly I could prepare meals with them, and they weren’t hard to drain like some pastas can be. All around a great experience in the kitchen with Nasoya!
IMG_7920 I didn’t receive the Equitance product in my box, so I can’t comment on that. As for the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion, I would say that’s the one product that made me anxious from my box. That’s just because the shade I received was so dark in comparison to my natural complexion so I didn’t want my legs to look crazy different than the rest of my body. Fortunately, that worked out alright, but I think I’d have more confidence in experimenting with the product in a different shade. Luckily the lotion doesn’t have a crazy weird scent like some can, so that’s definitely a perk!
So, there you have it! Here’s my little run-down of the Influenster Blossom Vox Box. This was such a great experience, and I love getting to share with people about each of the products I was trying. Some brands I was familiar with, and some were brand new but each product was definitely fun to try and see how I liked it in my routine. Some of these products will definitely be staples either to my grocery lists, or my beauty routine, and I am so glad I got to try them out. Are you an Influenster? Got any recommendations from your own VoxBox experience? If you have any questions about any of the products I shared, please send them my way in the comments! I love talking about this, so I’d be more than happy to share more. Thanks Influenster for introducing me to such great new stuff!

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