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Meg Tried This: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Alright, so thanks to Influenster I was included in their most recent rounds of Wellness Vox Box participants! This box had plenty of products for hair, skin, teeth…one of the most interesting was the new Wet Skin lotion from Jergens. I’ve seen commercials for it, so I was definitely curious. (And I’d just ran out of my go to moisturizer, so it was perfect timing to try out a new one!) 

First of all, when you squeeze it into your hand it’s an interesting consistency. Almost a little bit oily feeling. The second thing to catch my attention is the scent – it’s a very strong floral smell that’s almost too overwhelming for me.  The point of this product is to apply to wet skin to lock in the moisture, so I’ve been using it post-shower in the mornings. While I enjoy the smooth feeling of my skin when I apply it, I’m really deterred by the sticky, slick feeling that lasts all day. (Unfortunately it reminds me of the sweaty skin feeling after you’ve been outside for a while, or away from air conditioning in florida’s brutal humidity.) 

While there are definitely some pros to this product, it was more of a disappointment overall. I am glad I was able to test it out though, so I know firsthand what it’s like. 

(Disclaimer: Influenster sent me this product for free, so I could try it out and give some feedback on my experience. All opinions expressed here are my own.)


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