Meg Says Listen to This: Lucius “Two Of Us On the Run”

Thanks to Spotify’s Discover feature, several weeks ago I stumbled upon the incredible group that is Lucius. “Two Of Us On the Run” is the track that had me hooked from the opening chord. This group is a delicious blend of vocal harmonies, elegant instrumentals, and endearing lyrics. As soon as I heard this song, it stirred something in my soul. I’ll admit I’ve listened to it on repeat quite a few times. It’s just beautiful, and creative, and so emotionally connected that it’s almost hypnotizing the way the band can capture a listener’s attention. I knew this song would have a home on many mixed CDs I’d make in the future, and I’m constantly asking friends if they’ve heard it yet. So, that’s why I knew this was a song I just had to share with you guys. The Brooklyn-based band might be classified as pop, but don’t brush them off as bubblegum. Lucius has a special, graceful and soulful vibe to their songs. Obviously I’m a little bit behind in this find, but am so excited now that I know. If you haven’t listened to them yet, I strongly suggest you get to it! And for those of you lucky west coasters – they’re on tour! Go check them out in Bellingham, Portland, Eugene, and Petaluma!

Thanks to The Wild Honey Pie you can listen to this beautifully, raw version of “Two Of Us On the Run”


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