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Meg Says Watch This: “Homeland”

Thanks to Showtime’s watch this pilot episode for free promo, I was inevitably sucked into the hit drama “Homeland.” A few years ago, I saw a couple episodes at a friends house but it was late and I was tired and it wasn’t the right setting for some addictive binge watching. Once I gave this show the undivided attention it deserves I was irreversibly hooked. I’m not even ashamed to say that in the span of a week I blew through all four seasons, right into the first episode of season five that just aired last week. Wow. Don’t worry – the rest of the country’s obsession with this show wasn’t lost on me, I just didn’t have access at the time to follow along with the incredible journey of CIA agent Carrie Mathison. I recall seeing Claire Danes speech back in 2012 when she won a Golden Globe for best actress in a television series. Obviously, she was the right winner – hands down. There’s so much to be said for this show. Not only is the writing impeccable, the actors carry out this story in a way that makes their characters completely believable, and not just that – they’re lovable. Even the characters that you think you’re not supposed to love, you will. Homeland gives a huge, ballsy, take on society – coverups, mental health, religion – there’s no taboo topic that goes untouched. The team takes on terrorists each season, but it’s not as simple as “getting the bad guys.” There are so many intricacies in these story lines, as the puzzle pieces slowly come together. Just when you think you have something figured out, there’s another plot twist. Or you grow supremely attached to a key character only to have your heart ripped out at the scene of their demise. I was continuously impressed not only with the action scenes building outrageous suspense, but also the opposite – the scenes that relied solely on dialogue. Watching two characters in an interrogation room, staring directly into one another’s eyes, speaking with such conviction, such sincerity and it felt like the minutes passed and you didn’t even blink, holding your breath consuming every word. I’m being intentionally vague here because this was one of the first series I was able to somehow completely avoid spoilers (I don’t know how I managed that one, either!) If you haven’t seen it yet, I want you to be able to be just as surprised by the relentless, heart-pounding, crushing but inspiring episodes as I was.Another pro (as if it needs it) is how this show opens the door for so many discussions especially through the gritty accurate depiction of mental illness. I think a true mark of excellence in a television show is when it can invoke a multitude of emotions in its viewers, and Homeland does this expertly. If you need any more convincing of why you shouldn’t wait any longer to watch this incredible show, here’s a trailer for the pilot episode:


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  1. I’ve just started a season one blog and the post for the pilot episode is up at 🙂 would love to hear your views!

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