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Meg Says Listen to This: “Mexico” by The Staves

Oh my goodness. I was blown away the first time I heard “Mexico” by The Staves. The Staves are comprised of three sisters: Emily, Jessica, and Camila from Hertfordshire, England. The beauty in these women’s voices is just astonishing. If I had a pinky fingernail equivalent of their talent, that’d be enough. The video has a little bit of an eerie vibe, but I think the simplicity is perfect to concentrate the focus on their pure talent. The lyrics feel like they could’ve been ripped from my journals. It’s a ballad, it’s a lullaby it’s adventurous love and a cringe-worthy heartbreak all enveloped in one track. “Mexico” is one of those songs that some how articulates an array of emotions, elegantly and artistically without being melodramatic. I feel foolish that this video was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 because that’s FOUR years I could have been enjoying this track! Alas, there’s no reason for me not to share it with you now – just in case you happened to miss it as well.


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