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Meg Says Read This: Scar Tissue

  Like I’ve mentioned before, I can never get enough of heart-wrenching, raw, honest memoirs and that’s exactly how I would describe Anthony Kiedis’s Scar Tissue. You’re probably familiar with the front man of the rock and roll band The Red Hot Chili Peppers because they’ve achieved outrageous success after more than twenty years playing together. Known for their wild antics, and truly living the mantra of sex, drugs, and rock n roll – the book chronicles their crazy ride. Reading this memoir was an emotional tour through Anthony’s life, and I think it’d be near impossible not to have some feelings stirred up in response to his story. He describes his childhood with a scary early beginning to his drug use, his adventurous teenage years, tumultuous relationships, the slow growth of the band and then their full blown fame – all of it. It’s fascinating as he reflects on some of the events that his most famous lyrics. One of the most intriguing parts of this book was how Kiedis described his relationships – romantic and platonic. (A standout one to me being with Sinead O’Connor for a time – and faxing her a poem each morning!) It’s amazing what he’s experienced, and what he’s survived. He discusses the harrowing loss of friends that were more like brothers, and relationships damaged and deteriorated by insatiable addiction. He describes the pain of hurting his mother, but also details his journey of recovery. As heart-breaking as it is to read about his struggles, it’s just as inspiring to read about his triumphs – to see someone rediscover beauty in nature and in being alive. This book is definitely a great read for fellow memoir addicts, but also if you’ve ever been curious about the stories behind this zany artist. I had a new appreciation for Anthony Kiedis after reading his story.

(Photo from my Instagram; beach read day.) 


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