meg says listen to this

Meg Says Listen to This: Blue Bandana

The first time I heard this song, was a day I was kind of emotional about life events, anyway. Driving back from the airport as the sun was rising; I know how days like that go, I search the radio for something to jump out at me. Then “Blue Bandana” came on, and I thought to myself: “this is gonna be one of my songs.” A few weeks passed and it seems to be gaining popularity, getting more radio play because all these texts from friends started rolling in. One by one a girlfriend would say: “You have to listen to this song! I swear they’re talking about you.” Which makes me smile every time. There’s a dreamy, gypsy-like video to go with this song and I just want to live in that blue van and galavant around like the girl in the blue bandana. Jerrod Nieman delivers this song well. While it makes me think of my Bonnaroo days, it stays true to a country vibe. It’s fun and it’s picturesque, and it feels like it’s got a lot of soul. I think it pulls a close second to Kenny Chesney’s “Wild Child.” (And okay, I’ll admit I fangirled a bit when one of the writers, Andrew Scott Wills favorited my tweet!) Anyway, if you haven’t been graced with the pleasure of hearing this song yet, definitely give it a listen!

Rolling Stone did a cool interview back in July, and I really liked the insight into the song. You can check it out here, and as for that video, feast your eyes on this:

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