meg says watch this

Meg Says Watch This: “The Martian”

Movies about space fascinate me, and I have a soft spot for Matt Damon so with a combination like that why wouldn’t I check out The Martian? A few weekends ago, my cousins and I got together and we debated between this and Pan (which I am sure I will still end up seeing because c’mon PETER PAN, guys!) but based off of my brother’s enthusiastic suggestion The Martian won. So, I expected some blood pressure raising, probably me having trouble breathing and peaking between my fingers as my hands shielded my eyes while watching this film. (I love that feeling when you don’t think you can stand a second longer of the intensity of suspense, but it also always causes inevitably dramatic bodily reactions.) BUT I was surprised by how much I laughed. Seriously, laughed. It’s not just the writing of the dialogue, but also the way Damon delivers. (And Jeff Daniels because he’s great at it, too.) While this film is futuristic, it’s also so believable – the whole idea that in the not so distant future, we’ll probably be sending astronauts to go hang out on Mars. (Okay, I know they’re not like living it up at happy hour out there, but you know – space exploring and stuff!) It’s kind of mind blowing. And not to spoil anything, but I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of some ABBA in this movie. It’s on the lengthier side, but it didn’t feel like it at all. I’ll admit, amidst the laughter, and the shallow breathing, I did find myself shedding a few tears as well. It’s just a beautiful film. Also, it really put things into perspective for me, too. I mean if this man can be the only inhabitant stuck on an entire PLANET alone and still find a way to muster up hope and hang onto inventive ingenuity – then what’s stopping me from handling some average earthly struggles? If you haven’t seen The Martian yet, I suggest adding it to your to-do list. Might I add try and see it in theatres, it’s one of those that I think the big screen enhances the experience.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out from YouTube here:

Did you see The Martian yet? What did you think? Did you enjoy or think the film is overrated? I’d love to hear from you!

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