meg says listen to this

Meg Says, Listen to This: “Okay, Alright I’m Alive”

Typically in a season, a song will get my attention and I become a little bit obsessed. (If you haven’t noticed yet I’ve got some addictive tendencies in my nature and playing songs I find amazing on repeat falls in that category.) Last year when the lineup was released for Bonnaroo I worked my way up from the bottom of the list, determined not to miss some of the lesser known acts that would probably become some of my favorites in the months to follow. (There is such a plethora of incredible music out there that you’re bound to miss something, but I was on a mission not to let it all pass me by.) Bahamas were one of the bands I started listening to early on. Due to the difficult internal battle of making choices between overlapping amazing talent I didn’t end up seeing them last year, but they are one of the bands that I just can’t get over how awesome they are. Of course they have a lot of really great songs, but the one I think I could deem as my favorite is “Okay Alright I’m Alive” from the 2012 album Barchords. I wanted it to find a home on all the mixed CDs I was making. It seemed so applicable to all kinds of themes. And a lyrics nerd, I totally fell for “Every time George sings here comes the sun” and “Every time Sam sings a change gonna come.” It’s just beautiful. It’s upbeat and it’s catchy but it’s emotional all at the same time. The kind of song you don’t hate to get stuck in your head. And I’m a sucker for some feeling in a song. I won’t lie, I found the song relatable for a variety of reasons over the past few months, but that’s not the only reason to love it. In a blurb from The Crypt Sessions Bahamas unique sound is categorized as tropical pop, which seems totally accurate. I also found the fun fact: he spent THREE years as the guitarist/pianist for Feist. Which makes perfect sense with that sweet blend of melody and outrageous instrumental skills. I do think comparing live recordings and album versions of Bahamas songs, have a slightly different vibe but they’re both awesome. Watch the video below to see “Okay Alright I’m Alive” from The Crypt Sessions.


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