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Meg Says Watch This: People Places Things

At this point you can probably peg me for what types of movies I go for. (Usually some intense or sentimental drama, perhaps a dark comedy, or just a quirky indie.) It’s the beginning of a new month, so Netflix spits out some different flicks to check out. Upon a weekend search, People Places Things caught my attention, so I settled in for a watch. I was intrigued from the get-go with hand-drawn opening credits, and a cute song to start off. Plus, the film just dives right in – it’s the main character Will’s daughters fifth birthday and his partner Charlie, (Stephanie Allyne) is no where to be found at the party – he hustles upstairs after checking in with several guests, only to discover…well,  you probably guessed but there she is in the middle of the act with some other guy. Like I said – it jumps right in. I like films that are basically like life – a glimpse into a period of time, a chapter, of someone’s story. People Places Things unfolds just like that. Will (Jemaine Clement) writes and teaches the art of the graphic novel. He has a roomful of passionate students. He’s a passionate guy, but he’s also plagued by the heartbreak of the crumbling of his relationship. He finds comfort in the joy that comes from spending time with his adorable daughters (Aundrea and Gia Gadsby). The girls are so ridiculously cute, and amusing – they add a definite soft element of entertainment to the story. Will has several quippy one-liners, delivered so dryly that I found myself in stitches with laughter. People Places Things is a story about the complex trials of parenting, learning to let go of lost love, and exploring new relationships while trying to find some sort of stability in a life of chaos. The characters are endearing in their honesty and realness. As odd as it may sound, I think this film is heart-warming in it’s genuine portrayal of the messiness of life. If you’re looking for a cute, original film that will pleasantly surprise you with its uniqueness, then I definitely recommend giving People Places Things a watch.


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