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Meg Says, Listen to This: Serial (Season One)

serialI am beyond late to the game, but one thing I tried to involve in my days more this year are Podcasts. It’s so easy to get caught up in Netflix binges, or listening to my favorite albums on repeat, but Podcasts bring in a whole different category of intellectual stimulation. So, on a whim (after plenty of recommendations from all my favorite people) I finally decided to give one of the most popular podcasts, Serial (Season One) a listen.

Oh my, I was hooked from the first episode. (And the fact that I can listen while I’m working out, or on my car rides to and from work made it even better.) If you’re not familiar with Serial, it’s hosted by NPR’s Sarah Koenig. Each week, we learn more about a case from the 90s in which a young man, 17 year old Adnan Syed was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hai Min Lee. Koeing speaks to him on the phone several times throughout the series, along with interviewing possible alibi witnesses at the time, his friends, other people involved in the trials friends – and it just winds up with so many intriguing different plot twists. From the number of people who were originally interrogated, to the bizarre timeline, and confessed untruthful information given at different points – it’s not necessarily a story trying to prove whether or not Syed is innocent, but more trying to fill in gaps in the case. How did they arrive to that conclusion from the evidence at hand, why weren’t certain individuals called to trial, and what were all these kids involved really like at the time?

It’s just a fascinating story to listen unfold and Koenig has stupendous storytelling skills. Especially now that Syed’s case has a new hearing happening in real time – if this is something you’ve missed out on too, I’d say give it a listen! Catch up and follow along as she recounts what happens in court in new episodes of Serial.
(Image from Serial Facebook.)

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