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Meg Says, Read This: Big Little LIes

It’s been a long timelies since I’ve found a book that was so absolutely addicting, I’ve spent an entire day lost in the pages. My friend Jackie had shared some of her to-read list and “Liane Moriary”‘s Big Little Lies was on the list. When I found out that HBO was going to have a show for the book, I knew I needed to get my hands on a copy before it airs. Just my luck the library had it, and although I didn’t give it top preference in my haul that day, when I unexpectedly had off Tuesday this week and it was dark and yucky out all day, I decided it was the perfect time to give it a try. Oh my goodness. I just could not put it down! Though Big Little Lies is about 460 pages, by the end of the day I only had about 50 pages to go. I decided I should probably sleep so I wouldn’t hate myself at work the next day, but I devoured the last few pages on the following day, and now I’m recommending this title to anyone who will listen. (Especially my girlfriends in book clubs).

The style of Big Little Lies reminds me of one of my favorite novels Where’d You Go Bernadette? There’s a sharp wit in the structure that seems near impossible to not be amused by. The story revolves around a group of kindergartner mothers living in Australia, their financial backgrounds, age, marital status, and looks are all varied and they each describe their experiences through these lenses. There’s a murder among this group, and there are hints throughout the story, but the victim isn’t known until close to the end. The snippets of dialogue from the investigation sprinkled throughout the chapters add to the comic relief of the novel, and are a nice transition between heavily emotional scenes.

The scenes are so intricately crafted that it’s really easy to envision while reading. From screaming matches in the parent pick up line, to boozy brunches at the local cafe, to intense heart to hearts between girlfriends. This story covers such a broad range of topics, from the unexpected adventures of parenting, learning to navigate relationships when divorcees each get remarried and try to maintain some sort of balance, domestic violence, bonds of friendship, and all the secrets that everyone is unknowingly carrying around from day to day.

This novel felt like the equivalent of a Netflix binge; you know when they prompt you “are you still watching?” OF COURSE I’M STILL WATCHING! Basically that’s the highest endorsement I can give this book in encouragement for you to check it out if you haven’t yet!

(Book image from Google Books page).

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