meg says listen to this

Meg Says, Listen to This: Throwback Zeppelin “That’s The Way”

Alright, normally I’d say I dig my fair share of classics, but then sometimes I just feel utterly overwhelmed by my love for music. I only have two ears and one heart and there are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes I like to listen to the same track on repeat. How in the world do I fit in all the music I want to hear? From my brooding indie soul sessions, my classic sing alongs, and then my guilty pleasures of top 40 pop there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. During my work day there’s a pretty good mix of genres streaming from Pandora One from the front desk, and I’m not complaining. Every once in a while I hear a song, and I’m just like how have I never heard this one before?! I should probably be ashamed to admit, that’s what happened the first time I heard Led Zeppelin’s “That’s the Way.” How have I lived 28 years on this planet without knowing this glorious track? It struck a chord big time, and then I just wanted to put it on all of my mixes, blast it in my car, fill my ears on my runs, and put it on repeat while making dinner.

Here’s the thing. When I originally typed this I was in a happy little blissfully obsessive relationship with this song. Then as the weeks passed, it found its way into heavier moments in my life. All you emotional people out there will know what I mean – how there are certain moments that bring such a blow (sometimes positively, sometimes negatively) that you remember minute details connected to the event (what shoes you were wearing, how the morning dew glistened on the grass, and…what song you were listening to).  “That’s the Way” unknowingly became one of those songs for me. At least in a recent chapter of my life. Who knows, maybe down the road I’ll connect it with someone else. In the meantime I decided firmly not to let the emotions of that event impact my appreciation of that song. (You know – the active decision not to let some silly thing ruin something you enjoy so much). we should do that more often, actively decide to enjoy the music for what is is. With that being said, I won’t lie – this song evokes so much strong emotion. How do you not get a little misty eyed while listening? This is definitely going on my list of vinyl I’ll search for in the future. Anyway, without further adieu here’s the special gem:


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