meg says listen to this

Meg Says Listen to This: “Drivin’ All Night”

There was nothing as pretty in Panama City as you”

 If someone sang this line to me, I imagine I’d probably roll my eyes, but even if I wanted to resist that sweet talkin’ charm, I’d probably fall for it anyway. That’s about how I feel about every dang catchy Jake Owen song that exists, (which is all of them). Whether it’s a good song to belt out, driving in the sunshine with your windows rolled down, or with your girls on a beach day, or the heartfelt ones when you’re awake at 3am with the rest of the lonely souls scattered across the world – there’s a mood and a song for all of it. I started listening to the Days of Gold album again after Owen just released “American Love Song” because I forgot how much I love him. Living about forty minutes away from Panama City, and being greeted by 75 degree sunshine-filled days again this week doesn’t hurt the urge for some sweet talkin’ country tunes to fill my days while I stifle the desire to leave work and hit the beach. Also, can I just note that I see Jake Owen posting fun little snippets of his time down in Key West right now and if he just wants to wait a week until I get down there next week that’d be fantastic.So if you need a feel good, beachy love, song that makes you smile and feel young listen to “Drivin’ All Night.”


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